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Spirecut pitched at the Open Mic Night at Campus Biotech Innovation Park in Geneva

On October 6th, we presented Spirecut at the Open Mic Night Geneva in front of the Geneus and >>Venture>> jury, composed of Wilma Lukas, Renato Del Grosso, Fariba Hashemi, and Lea Firmin, from which we received insightful feedback.

Geneus is an innovation initiator for life sciences entrepreneurs. It supports life sciences innovators in evolving their ideas into viable projects ready for startup foundation and incubation.
Geneus has supported over 90 innovation projects and is based at Campus Biotech Innovation Park, which hosts successful life sciences companies in Geneva. Over a 3-12 month process, innovators develop a novel product-market fit and explore opportunities for value creation. Successful projects will be ready for startup foundation and incubation at EPFL Innovation Park and Fongit. Geneus provides workshops, networking events, and coaching by industry experts, serial entrepreneurs, and innovation experts.

>>Venture>> is Switzerland’s leading competition for up-and-coming entrepreneurs. The competition empowers young innovators to develop their business ideas into startup companies.