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Spirecut receives support from 100 fürs Baselbiet

The Fifth Floor offers an ideal work environment for our team. The comprehensive services, mentoring offers, and excellent connections to transport networks provide our business with essential growth opportunities. We are grateful for the support from BLKB 100 fürs Baselbiet and the chance to join The 5th Floor.

The 5th Floor aims at industry-specific innovation potential and growth opportunities for users. It offers comprehensive services that cover the entire life cycle of a business. Tenants can use mentoring offers with the BLKB 100 fürs Baselbiet team, access additional office locations, and connect with investors, banks, interesting partner companies, industry leaders, and the most strategic Start-Up competitions. The proximity of FHNW University of Applied Sciences, the Basel life sciences industry, and its suppliers opens up potential recruiting opportunities.

Visit The 5th Floor and BLKB 100 fürs Baselbiet websites to know more. 

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