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Echography has expanded among medical specialities for diagnostic and interventional purposes due to its affordability, portability and availability. Ultrasound guiding is possible to perform the surgical release of trigger fingers and carpal tunnel.

About Spirecut

Spirecut is an award-winning Medtech start-up founded in 2020. Based in Fribourg, Switzerland, our focus is to improve postoperative results of trigger finger and carpal tunnel syndrome. Our instruments and technique have several unique benefits, such as the absence of skin incision, postoperative scar and an immediate return to daily activities.

Benefits of Spirecut

SPIRECUT commercialises sono-instruments® to treat carpal tunnel syndrome and trigger fingers.


No skin incision, no dressing, no scar, an immediate return to daily activities and a specific instrument for each problem.

Patients can return to their daily activities on the next day.

There will not be any scar resulting from this surgery.

Although there is no skin incision, only a minor puncture, the surgeon cuts the same ligament as open/endoscopic surgery.

As a result, the operated area is likely to cause pain for several weeks (sometimes months) after the surgery. This postoperative symptom is called pillar pain and occurs after all carpal tunnel surgeries. It is related to ligamentous healing, and in some patients, it may preclude heavy manual work for several weeks.

Yes, it is possible to operate simultaneously on both hands for carpal tunnel syndromes, multiple trigger fingers, or a carpal tunnel and a trigger finger. No dressing is required, except on the day of surgery.

Risks are extremely limited.

SPIRE is the acronym of Swiss Percutaneous Instruments, allowing Rapid and Efficient Surgery. SPIRE evokes also the similarity of the conical shape of the instruments ; CUT reminds us that the instruments allow the quick and efficient release of thickened pathological tissues like the fingers annual pulleys or the transverse carpal ligament.


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