We are Spirecut

Our Team

Founder & CEO

Frédéric brings his medical expertise and notoriety in orthopaedics, traumatology, and hand surgery. He is also a professor of orthopedics and surgery at the Université Libre de Bruxelles, Belgium.

Business Development Manager

Clémence foresees Spirecut’s development, advises and helps evaluate different business proposals. She also looks for partners and customers.

Mechanical Engineer &
Regulatory Affairs Manager

Edmond works on the development of sono-instruments and ISO 13485 certification.

Communications Manager

Rita is in charge of overseeing internal and external communications, across all digital and media platforms. 

Software Engineer

Loïc brings his knowledge and expertise in software engineering.

Our History

Founded in Fribourg in April 2020, Spirecut is a Swiss MedTech company. It is a spin-off of Swibrace Ltd /SA, founded in 2017, which develops orthopaedic 3D-printed braces. 

 Over time, a secondary project about surgical instruments led by Swibrace took a lot of importance. In 2020, this project led to the creation of Spirecut Ltd/SA, a different company whose objective is to develop, certify and industrialise surgical instruments.

Such instruments are called sono-instruments® , and their goal  is to treat common hand affections requiring surgeries: carpal tunnel syndrome and trigger finger. Spirecut is always looking for new investors and partners. In case of interest, please get in touch with us.

Our Name

SPIRE is the acronym of Swiss Percutaneous Instruments, allowing Rapid and Efficient Surgery. SPIRE evokes also the similarity of the conical shape of the instruments; CUT reminds us that the instruments allow the quick and efficient release of thickened pathological tissues like the fingers annual pulleys or the transverse carpal ligament.

SPIRECUT commercialises sono-instruments® to treat carpal tunnel syndrome and trigger fingers.