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Spirecut’s live surgeries in Brussels

We are pleased to announce the expanded availability of Spirecut Sono-Instruments® for the treatment of trigger finger and carpal tunnel syndrome.

These conditions, affecting one in seven, require precise and effective solutions. Spirecut’s patented, ultrasound-guided, non-invasive instruments are now accessible to healthcare professionals in Switzerland, the United Kingdom, the United States, and the European Union.

Regional Partnerships for Distribution

To facilitate this expansion and ensure the highest quality of service and support, we have established exclusive partnerships with esteemed distributors in these regions:

  • Switzerland: Curmed, our chosen partner, is renowned for its expertise in the Swiss medical sector, ensuring that our Swiss clients receive tailored services.

  • United Kingdom & United States: Sovereign Medical Group will handle the distribution in these countries. Their extensive experience and established network make them ideal for serving the unique needs of the UK and US markets.

  • European Union: Medicina Legatis, with its presence across the EU, is our exclusive distributor for the European Union, bringing Spirecut Sono-Instruments® to a wider European audience.

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