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Research results in the Journal Of Ultrasound

Spirecut is pleased to announce the publication of our research results in the Journal Of Ultrasound.

Check out the publication.

Publication Details:
Title: Prospective evaluation of a novel device for ultrasound‐guided percutaneous treatment of carpal tunnel and trigger finger disease. Efficacy and safety of Sono-Instruments®

Research Highlights: Our study introduces the use of Sono-Instruments® in percutaneous release procedures for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) and Trigger Finger (TF).

Key findings include:

  1. Enhanced surgical visibility, ease of use, and satisfaction
  2.  Significant reductions in operative times.
  3. Significant decreases in patient-reported pain and limitations in activity post-procedure.
  4. Quick return to work and daily activities, facilitating faster functional recovery.

Clinical Relevance: As Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Trigger Finger affect millions globally, our research significantly advances minimally invasive treatment options. These findings promote improved patient outcomes and support quicker recovery times in hand surgery.

Authors: Fabian MoungondoHannah Van RompaeyMohamad Moussa, MD, MSc, FEBOTFrédéric Schuind
Published: 10 April 2024
Open Access in the Journal of Ultrasound

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