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Spirecut’s European patent is officially approved

Spirecut participated in Swiss Medtech Day, an annual MedTech event held in Bern, Switzerland. This event is an opportunity for industry professionals and stay abreast of the latest advancements in medical technology.

Spirecut reaffirmed its commitme

We are excited to announce that Spirecut’s European patent has been officially approved. It reinforces our intellectual property portfolio.

This development will enable us to expand our solutions across Europe, fostering innovation and enhancing regional healthcare.

Thank you to Ronald Noll from ABREMA Agence Brevets et Marques, whose invaluable assistance was instrumental in this accomplishment.

With this achievement, Spirecut is set to scale new heights, continuing our commitment to improving patient outcomes and transforming medical technology.

nt to continuous learning, innovation, and progress in the healthcare technology industry by participating.

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