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Spirecut in Agefi

On February 6, 2024, Agefi published an insightful article by Sophie Marenne, highlighting our strides in revolutionizing hand surgery. Spirecut its surgical technique at the Université Libre de Bruxelles, changing the game for treating carpal tunnel and trigger finger syndrome. By eliminating the need for skin incisions, our needle-sized device enables surgeons to perform hand surgeries without incisions, marking a notable advancement in surgical practices.

We are broadening our impact, exporting our pioneering device to Canada, the United States, Ireland, and the United Kingdom. The end of 2023 saw us securing pivotal distribution agreements with Curmed in Switzerland and Sovereign Medical Group in the UK, alongside obtaining the CE marking for European sales. These achievements complement our existing approvals from the FDA in the United States and Swissmedic, setting the stage for a transformative year in 2024.

Frédéric Schuind, our CEO, is optimistic about our trajectory, aiming to collaborate with several hundred hand surgeons throughout the year. To bolster our market launch, we are finalizing a financing round of 1 million francs, adding to the 1.5 million francs raised since our 2020 inception, not counting awards, grants, and loans.

Our single-use surgical devices are manufactured in Muntelier by Ruetschi Technology, showcasing the unmatched precision and expertise of Swiss Medtech. Originally branching off from Swibrace, a company specializing in 3D-printed splints, we relocated to Muttenz in Basel-Landschaft early in 2023. This move capitalized on the support offered by the Baselland Kantonalbank (BLKB) following our recognition as a finalist in the Swiss Innovation Challenge.

“The UK represents a significant growth opportunity for us, where lengthy wait times for orthopaedic surgeries underscore the need for efficient, percutaneous techniques. This innovative approach could drastically cut surgical costs, from an average of £2,100 to just £950, according to a partner hospital in the UK.”

Spirecut is now eyeing expansion into Asian markets. Our ongoing mission to advance ultrasound-guided surgery globally continues to drive our efforts forward, promising a future where surgical interventions are more accessible, less invasive, and more cost-effective.

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