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Spirecut in the Cureus Journal of Medical Science

Spirecut is pleased to announce the publication of our research results in the Cureus Journal of Medical Science. This technical report contributes to the ongoing advancements in the treatment of trigger finger stenosing tenosynovitis.

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🔍 Publication Details:
Title: Retrograde Percutaneous Release of Trigger Finger or Thumb Using Sono-Instruments®: Detailed Technique, Pearls, and Pitfalls

📈 Research Highlights: Our study introduces a minimally invasive technique using the Sono-Instrument® for A1 pulley release.

This approach offers:
1. Improved recovery times
2. Lowered complication rates
3. Capability to treat multiple fingers
4. Reduced postoperative discomfort
5. Prompt resumption of daily activities

📖 Clinical Relevance: With stenosing tenosynovitis affecting a significant portion of the population, our research provides a valuable addition to the array of treatment options, enhancing patient care and surgical outcomes.

Authors: Fabian Moungondo#LucVanOvestraetenMohammad Boushnak, MD, FEBOTFrédéric Schuind
Date of Publication: January 25, 2024
DOI: 10.7759/cureus.52911

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